verizon-iphone-itgruntsMany are awaiting anxiously for the new Apple CDMA iPhone which will be offered by Verizon. However very few know that Apple might not change its antenna design for the new CDMA iPhone 4. Industry experts say that Apple is highly unlikely to alter or modify the design to overcome the troubles it had after the launch of the iPhone 4 with AT&T.

There are many technical reasons why Apple will be happier to work with CDMA rather than GSM technology and this might be another reason why it might not be willing to shell out big bucks in trying to modify the antenna. CDMA is a spread-spectrum technology with a broader-based signal than GSM which could make reception better for the antenna.

All the iPhones currently in the market are designed to work on a GSM-based mobile carriers while Verizon runs CDMA based technology to provide to its users. There was speculation that Apple would actually take advantage of the new Verizon iPhone to redo its antenna design but then doing so will actually put blame on Apple for not fixing the design on the GSM iPhone 4 released with AT&T earlier.

So if you plan to buy an CDMA Verizon iPhone 4 don’t be suprised if you experience the “grip of death” issue.

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