Rupert Murdoch of News Corp. and Eddie Cue of Apple have announced “the first ‘all media’ product” to a snowed-in crowd in New York City. The iPad-targeted subscription-based publication will cost only 99¢ per week and will be available to try for free for the first two weeks. The Daily will be available online as well as on the iPad, but the news publication is being created focused on the iPad user experience. This means occassionally content will be missing from the web version that will be present in the iPad version.

“Obviously not everything you can do on the iPad can be replicated on the Web.” says The Daily. “A feature that is built around touch interactivity doesn’t make a lot of sense to transport to the Web—text, headlines, and pictures can transport to the Web. We expect the primary medium of consumption to be on the iPad.”

Some content will be free, but the service is subscription-based, so much of the content will require your paid subscription login to access.

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