9 to 5 Mac came out with evidence over the much anticipated next-generation iPad. From many pictures shown, it is clear that the iPad2 will have a thinner display but will not support high definition retina class display. 9 to 5 Mac got its hands on the display from China and from the repair firm iFixYouri.

9 to 5 Mac said that it was unsure of the device’s resolution. 9 to 5 Mac said, “At this point, we cannot tell if the resolution is higher but it is definitely higher quality in terms of its build. The iPad 2’s display is also lighter, and over a mm thinner than the current iPad’s display with a smaller surrounding frame.”

From the number of photos posted on the site a part number was identified as LP097X02-SLN1 which is a LG Phillips 9.7-inch XGA display. The display is H-IPS and has a resolution of 1024×768. If it is indeed slated for the iPad 2, then the resolution will end up being the same as the current-generation iPad and will not have a Retina display.

You can check out more pictures here.

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