Tron fans listen up. The TRON branded mouse and pad is out so fans of the franchise can pick it up, however its very expensive collectible. The mouse and the pad are sold as a one pack which is done with a lot of care. This accessory will make a great gift for any TRON fan however its priced at $130 which might make it a little too on the expensive side.

The mouse has a nice feel-good design and is very light. The right and left buttons are built into the shell to give it the slick look and the clicks are noticable. The mouse has two more buttons on the site that are completely programmable. It also has two more on the opposite ends for the left handed. The mouse has a 5600 dpi sensor and hardware is all up to Razer’s standards.

The most coolest part of this whole setup is that the mouse lights up when plugged in and a TRON-licensed sound is heard when the mouse activates. The mouse is also available by itself for $100.

The TRON mouse pad adds a nice touch to the mouse. The pad is covered in light-reactive paint and there is an led at the bottom of the mouse which which leaves a glowing trail behind it.

Check out the video.

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