soladey-3How green can we be? A Canadian dentistry professor designed a solar-powered brush that works without paste! It uses electrons instead which might soon make tooth paste a thing of the past! The electrons help clean the teeth and kill bacteria.

Dentistry professor Kunio Komiyama and Gerry Uswak, the dean of the University of Saskatchewan College of Dentistry have worked with a Japanese manufacturer Shiken to create the solar toothbrush. Called Soladey-J3X has a small solar panel at the end of the tip.

When a small amount of light hits the brush it transmits electrons to the bristles. Those electrons reach with saliva in the mouth causing plaque to break down and also kill bacteria responsible for periodontal disease. The professors are testing the brush on 120 teenagers and compare those results to a normal tooth brush with paste.

The professors said that they are yet unsure about how the tooth brush would help whiten the teeth but will soon have an answer after the tests were done on the students. One drawback is that the brush won’t work in the dark and you need as much light as a solar calculator does. There is no information if the Soladey-J3X will also leave a minty flavor in your mouth after the brush which we will find out soon…


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