2010 has been a great year for gaming. Almost every major gaming publisher released a major title throughout the year. We will look at the 5 best games this year and which might not be bad if you add them to your Christmas gift list.

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops


The whole 1960’s style undercover CIA gaming is too much to resist. Call of Duty is one of the best games that was released this year which grossed over $350 Million in its first week itself.

2. Team Fortress 2


Team Fortress 2 is another smash hit game. The game went viral among Valve fan boys. “From the blog to to the awesome playability, via a big detour through a miliner’s shop, TF2 is simply the most fun you can have in a multiplayer shooter”, said Patrick Goss, a gaming analyst at Techradar.

3. Mass Effect 2


Mass Effect 2 might as well be the first game released this year. It was released in January 2010 and was a massive hit with both critics and fans. BioWare’s next project is quite exciting too, called MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

4. Fifa 11


Fifa 11 is one of the best sports game until its release. It has some of the most stunning graphics and realistic players and game statistics.

5. Gran Turismo 5


Gran Turismo is considered to be the greatest car sim ever made. It was also considered a major boost for PS3 as it was being criticized for having limited gaming.

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