hitachi_lcd_projector_hybrid_mediumIt was reported today that Toshiba is selling off one of its Central American plants in Mexico at throw away price! This comes after news hit that Hitachi, Toshiba and Sony merge to create newer LCD display. Toshiba is reported to be selling the factory to a company in Taiwan called Compal.

Compal is trying to move away from its total reliance on laptop display contracts as demand slips. Taiwan’s Economic News said that  Toshiba was keen to sell the factory. It’s expected the deal sat between the $10 million and $17 million mark. It also signals an eagerness to take business from under the feet of successful Korean manufacturers like LG and Samsung.

Toshiba is one of Compal’s most important LCD TV contract buyers, making up half of Compal’s orders altogether, says CENS. The plant is also an important because of its relative closeness to the United States and easy passage into South America.

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