InternetLoveAccording to a recent survey it was found that the people from the US don’t turn their computers off when having sex! The survey from insecurity firm PC Tools said that nearly a quarter of US residents also think that it is not wise to stay connected to the Internet during the act. The survey suggested that computers need to be turned off or put away during the act citing increased security vulnerabilities. The survey was conducted on 1012 adults in the US.

The survey found that nearly a third thought it was not a problem being online during the act. About 41 percent thought it acceptable to be online during family dinners. The survey from PC Tools said that it was important to stay connected but only when you are using those services online. Staying connected all the time will put you in greater risk.

Some of the highlights of this survey are,

  • 29% Americans believe it is acceptable to be “plugged in” while honeymooning while about 6% say its okay during a wedding.
  • 79% of all Americans want to keep the files or documents on their personal computers private from others, including their children (39%), parents (26%), spouse or significant other (17%), co-workers (48%), boss (42%), and friends (40%).
  • 45% of Americans would be embarrassed about their friends or family seeing certain files or documents on their personal or handheld computer, smart phone, or PDA, with men more concerned than women about others seeing the websites they have visited (18% vs. 12%, respectively).

You can read the report here.

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