google-balloon-logoIt is being widely speculated that Google will be soon launching a music service to compete with the iTunes and that this music service is rumored to offer both digital track and album downloads as well. The service is also said to offer a new streaming service called the “digital locker”. Billboard reported that Google has been in talks with some major companies about its new services.

According to Billboard, Google’s service would offer traditional downloads and would also offer a $25 per year digital locker service which will let users get online access to their music library via desktops or mobile devices. Google’s music service would scan a users computer and add any tracks to their library. Another streaming service Rdio already offers a similar service.

Google also wants to let users listen to any song once and after that they would be limited to 30 second previews until they purchase the song. With Google having its social network integrated into its music service, users will be able to create and share playlists with friends and can listen to each others’ tracks.

No deals have been made yet and there is no word on when the service might be out.

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