New gadgets are always put to vigorous tests to check for durability and stability. With the iPhone 4 technology has gone to a new level and so did the tests.

A bunch of guys conduct their own set of tests and their expectations are surely high. Army grade iPhone 4’s are not in scope yet but seems like there might be a need soon, especially when they are shot at with a .50 cal round from a sniper rifle or being put in the microwave.

The following video shows the iPhone 4 taking the .50 cal shot.

It is really impressive to see the frame remained intact even though it took a blow that knocked it right out!

The following video might seem a little odd to start with but we get what we want, the iPhone microwaved!

This sure is the ultimate stress buster. I wonder if they had any kind of extended warranty on these phones, if so can they claim that? Now you have two more ways to destroy a phone and AT&T just reduced its own network load by 2!

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