home_movie_theaterWall Street Journal reported that a new service is coming to us soon which aims to bring movies to homes the same day as they hit the theaters. What’s the catch? Well you won’t be paying Netflix prices’ for these movies but would cost you approximately $20,000 for one show.

Prima Cinema Inc is the brains of this idea which has a hefty price tag that makes is an option only for the rich. The entire system itself is expensive which costs a one time fee of $20,000 for the system allowing digital delivery of the movie. Customers have to shell out an additional $500 per film.

Interestingly Best Buy and General Electric have invented in Prima Cinema Inc which hopes to start delivering movies to customers as soon as a year from now. Prima says that it plans to install the system in 250,000 homes within the nexxt five years but it is questionable if it is worth the effort considering a market that might not grow beyong a few thousand customers.

Would you want to buy this?

You can check out the original article here.

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