Late last month we reported on a rumor that said Nokia was going to introduce two new color variants of the Lumia 800. The French website MonWindowsPhone said that white and yellow will soon join the existing color choices: black, cyan (blue), and magenta (pink). What they failed to say was when those color variants would launch and in which markets. Now thanks to XDA Developer forum member “fshqbizfs”, who was “playing with my app that browses nokia firmwares”, we now know that Nokia plans on brining a white Lumia 800 to Switzerland. Also in his firmware app are indicators that there are several different models of the Lumia 800: versions 1 for example exists in Spain, France, and the UK, which are the first markets that got the device; version 2 is in Ireland, Norway, and Taiwan; and version 3 is in Singapore and Hong Kong. What exactly are the differences between these versions? Will we ever find out?

The more important question is of course how well are these devices selling? It doesn’t make sense to introduce so many color variants if they’re going to just sit on store shelves. We know Nokia is due to report their Q4 2011 financial results on the 26th, but depending on who you ask the company sold either 800,000 Lumias or more than 2 million. Considering the Lumia 800 went on sale on November 16th in the UK, that means it had only 6 weeks to contribute to Nokia’s numbers. We’re hoping Nokia breaks down sales for smartphones based on operating system, because if they don’t then they’re going to have analysts breathing down their necks.

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