wikileaksWhy do we keep saying that the US Defense Network is insecure? We had reported earlier about how worried the US Army was about the next Wikileak and looks like its here. Wikileaks today leaked another documents that gave out top secret information about the CIA. The document leaked was an secret internal report from the CIA that said that the United States was very aware of being perceived as the prime “exporter of terrorism”.

The report directly points to the much controvery that surrounds the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in New York. The report suggested that the attacks on American soil have given CIA and the US Government a level of trust. The report makes it clear that the US has full knowledge about its image across the globe and is deeply concerned by this. It was recently reported that many US citizens fled the country to join terrorist groups to conduct attacks on the nation.

There is no news yet on how the leak was made but it is clear that everyone in the defence network seems to have access to the central secret file system repository.

You can read the entire report here.

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