Windows 8 looks terribly promising! And the rumor is that it will totally crush Mac OS as it is not just a PC platform but also a tablet ready platform with boot times of less than 8 seconds on a standard hard drive! Ars reported that Windows 8 will be a “true” tablet platform which provides best support for touch screen devices. Windows 8 will be a tablet operating system. The PC is still a core platform and PC users are still a core demographic.

Windows 8 will run existing Windows applications on a regular Windows-looking desktop. However Windows 8 will fully support PCs as well but with more than just keyboard and mouse, you will have touch aware OS which is said to be smoother than Apple! The Start screen isn’t as dense as the Start menu. At 1366×768, you can get about 18-21 small tiles, or half as many large tiles, on screen at once.

However, just as is the case with Windows Vista and Windows 7, where clicking icons on the Start menu wasn’t the best way to use the platform, clicking tiles on the Start screen isn’t the best approach either. Start screen, applications and other utilities are typically apps that Windows is more focusing on. Windows has come a long way and now Windows 8 with 8 second boot time is really promising!

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