Microsoft is on a role! Microsoft has just released a Windows Phone Mango demo to the web which aims to create a balance for both consumers and developers. A video was also put together which shows the OS’s different features. While users get the best-ever Windows mobile experience with the new OS, Microsoft assures that developers can “build easily, build better, build now with Windows Phone” and it’s much faster and easier to build Windows Phone apps now.

Microsoft has announced Windows Phone Mango OS aka Windows Phone 7.5 publicly. While the OS has not been released officially final builds of the OS have been reportedly leaked. The Windows Phone 7.5 OS features tremendous improvements and enhancements over the previous build. It brings the long-awaited multitasking support, Metro UI interface with Live Tiles, App Connect, better and faster app switching and much more.

Microsoft is expected to release the Windows Phone Mango OS soon and when it does, we will certainly let you know.

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