iMuffs-apple-bluetoothIt is being rumored on the web that Apple is behind the purchase of Wi-Gear – a company behind the iMuffs line of Bluetooth headphones which are designed specifically for the iPod and the iPhone. 9to5 Mac reported that Apple plans to develop its own stereo Bluetooth headphones for iPhones, iPads and even Macbooks.

iMuffs’s designs are impressive and their sound quality and comfort levels exceeded that of the standard iPhone earbuds. No wonder Apple is being rumored to have bought out the geniuses at iMuffs. Earlier Apple did not support A2DP audio streaming in their devices making Bluetooth streaming difficult but that changed in the newer versions of their products.

The purchase is said to have been completed almost two months ago and the news leaked over linkedin profiles. Now the team works for Apple making innovative Bluetooth speakers for iPhones and other iOS devices.

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