Would you buy this? Seriously, a heart rate monitor that runs off of an iPhone.heartrate

A manufacturer, or atleast what we think they are called HMB-Tec has come up with a gadget.

As they describe it from HMB-Tec, “Heart rate monitor and training computer for sports and effective fitness.” – o k a y!

Well the whole idea is that 

This whole device consists of a pulse-receiver and a chest strap. The pulse receiver plugs into the headphone jack of all your iphone models, the iPad and the iPod touch and will draw power from it to function.

A heart app is provided by the HMB TEC which is downloaded from the app store. The heart app works with the monitor in measuring your ECG signal and displays your heart rate in beats per minute. It also provides  a visual display for the beating hear, so watch out for that straight line!

The app will also store your results so it can be analysed over a set time.

All in all it does look helpful by combining a smart phone with a heart rate device but however would you want to drain your battery can be answered on how often you use your phone. Then again it will be an issue if you decided to use the music player in the iphone or the ipod because the jack can only serve the monitor or the head phones.

If for any reason you are impressed you can get it for a price ranging from $80 to $140 US dollars.


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7 thoughts on “Would you buy this? HMB TEC ECG Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone”
  1. No.
    There are a lot of special hardware out there.
    They have a lot of function incl. analysis of the collected data.
    The main problem from iPhone & Co (ipod, ipad) is sync.
    Every data you want to sync have to be done in a special way.
    WLAN or Online.
    I cannot wait to see Windows Mobile 7.

  2. I’m looking for somewhere to order the HMB | TEC ® pulse-receiver (I already own a Polar Heartrate Monitor chest strap) but I can’t seem to find anywhere online to order the device.

    Your help is greatly appreciated!

  3. No, that link took me to some kind of range finding apparatus by Nikon. Maybe it’s the wrong page, I’ll check the rest of that site.
    Thanks anyway,

  4. I have Hemtec IP/IPT Scope cable.
    The result is wrong i have better result with an old griffin audio adapter.
    Then NO, I don’t trust Hemtec products

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