CES 2012 is showing off some cool stuff. Discovery today reported on a cool gadget that can keep a track of pretty much every move you make. Meet the Striiv, your personal fitness devices. Striiv is a personal fitness device that tracks steps and motivates its wearer in a unique way, by using challenges and games to get them moving.

The device also includes a charity donation walkathon feature that counts steps and donates money to charities. Although it wont cost you to do this but its a neat way of making you do things. The charity functions include providing clean water in South America, polio vaccines and rain forest protection. It has a 2-inch, hi-res touchscreen, 3-axis accelerometer, altimeter, and runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It can be worn on keys in a pocket or purse, and doesn’t require a connection to a PC other than to upload data to the optional program, or transfer steps to donations.

It was announced at CES today that Striiv would be sold at Best Buy nationwide and will cost $99 which is a little over priced for this device.

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