Intel has had some plans to enter the smartphone market and today it was reported that Intel has struck a deal with Lenovo and Motorola to provide Intel processors for Android based smartphones in 2012. The chips are called Intel Atom Z2460 which will power these smart phones. In an on-stage demonstration during CES 2012, Intel said its chipset could offer a better performance than existing devices on the market.

The Lenovo K800 will be running on the Intel Atom Z2460 and will land in China first which Lenovo says is a huge market. Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha also shared the stage and said it would be partnering with Intel on a multi-year, multi-device strategy.

Intel has dominated the computing market for years with its x86 architecture, as the vast majority of PCs and all the Macs use its chips. Now with Intel entering the smartphone market, one can only say that the smartphone prices might take a bump considering how Intel pcs are pricey.

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