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While the iPad craze and hype will be satisfied tomorrow by 9AM, 3-D craze is already starting to pick up. Withsharp 3d display companies getting on their game to get the best 3D tv out there and speed is also of great significance.

Thanks to this competition, the market is coming up with newer, better and efficient technologies and yes Sharp might just make us not wear those 3D glasses anymore!

Sharp has introduced a 3-D display that delivers a clear, bright image and does not need you to wear any 3-D glasses. The display only measured 3-inches and the screen was to be held about a foot away from the viewer’s face. Well thats a bummer, not really say experts.

“This could lead to a bigger size display with similar or better characteristics”, quotes one analyst. The display was displayed on Friday and sharp aims at the 3-D mobile device market. The display also had the ability to connect to a 3-D camera.

Major players in the market are already advertising for 3-D tv’s. The only thing that might prevent a user from buying one are the glasses you need to put on to watch the tv. 

The 3-D mobile device from Sharp shoots different images to each eye which eliminates the need for glasses. Yes this does have a distance limit as in how far from the display you can be. The distance between the user and the display needs to be fixed but the company hopes that won’t be the case in the near future.

With the introduction of smaller displays, Sharp aims to target the mobile phones, gaming machines and cameras. With so much going on in the television market, there is a lion’s share of display left behind in the phones and cameras market and Sharp is aiming to get that.

Sharp indicated that the DSi portable gaming machine could have a 3-D display in it. No confirmations yet.

I think the 3-D will lead to holographic display units, nothing beats that!

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