iPhone 4S is reaching new heights and breaking all records! It was reported by Apple today that the iPhone 4S has reached over four million sales in its first weekend itself! This is twice as many as the iPhone 4 said Senior VP Phil Schiller said. He also said that this has set a new industry record. Apple also said that over 25 million people have downloaded iOS 5 since it became available on October 12.

Along with including Australia, Canada, Japan, and key European countries, it also reached major carriers that haven’t been available in the past making this the largest scale of the new iPhone 4S launch. Its performance also puts Samsung’s repeated public milestone claims aside. The Galaxy S II took 55 days to hit three million and only just hit 10 million in late September. While Apple’s sales rate will slow down, it will have reached a similar goal more than 18 times faster.

Samsung got hit because the Galaxy S II didn’t reach the US until mid-September with the Epic 4G Touch, which shipped nearly five months after the original version became available.


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