As part of bringing you upto speed with technology it falls upon us as a duty to be reminded of our past, of how other innovations changed our lives. Part of that is to be able to appreciate the dumbest inventions of the past, on the basis of which some new ideas were born that lead to greater inventions.

We bring you a few of the dumbest inventions, an excerpt from Life.

Curved Barrel Machine Gun, 1953


An M3 sub-machine gun with a curved barrel for shooting around corners, after the world war, the inventors realized that it was harder to conduct close combat in the trenches and corners and hence the gun. It was never a success!

Hubbard Electrometer, 1968

ron hubbard

Founder of the Church of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard uses his Hubbard Electrometer to determine whether tomatoes experience pain and concluded that tomatoes scream in pain when sliced.

Finnish Portable Sauna, 1962


I can honestly say this never took off, it just looks like it might explode due to build up of steam, at any time!

Laryngaphone, 1929


The phone works by picking up voices and noises from your throad rather than your actual communication!

Motorized Surfboard, 1948


Inventor Joe Gilpin riding his motorized surfboard, I would have really loved one of these but too bad it never took off!

Rainy Day Cigarette Holder, 1954


President of Zeus Corp., Robert L. Stern, smoking a cigarette from his self-designed rainy day cigarette holder, wonder what if the rain was side ways, with wind blowing your cigarette is gone in like a few seconds!

Illuminated Tires, 1961

Illuminated Tires, 1961

Is this cool or not, depends! Goodyear’s illuminated tires were made from a single piece of synthetic rubber and is brightly lit by bulbs mounted inside the wheel rim.

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