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Today Toshiba introduced a whole range of Regza LED LCD TVs in Japan. One tv that certainly stood out was the Z1regza led series.

Ranging from 37 to 55 inches with edge-lit LEDs and USB and with its unique first ever, LAN recording functionality might just make it a hot cake!

The Z1 TVs have many other features worth taking a look at. It seems like it was designed to be the center of home entertainment and to be able to talk to more than one external interface.

It comes with a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, 2 10W speakers, Ethernet, 2 USB slots, 4 HDMI ports, SD/SDHC card slot, REGZA link, Windows 7 support and recording over USB or LAN, now thats just terrific. Toshiba wants to beat the competition because today its not just about picture but if it can be plug and play. 

Apart from the Z1, Toshiba is also rolling out its first Regza-branded HDD.

The pricing will range from $2700 to $5200 when they’re released this summer in Japan. No world on international release date yet.

Grunt advice – sounds like this thing is terribly over priced, a few days wait and this will cost us a $1000 or less. I mean basically its just a souped up pc!

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