Google is on a shopping spree as we all know. Its CEO Mr. Schmidt had said that the company has allocated close toplinkart 20 billion dollars to acquire companies in this year.

Google has bought out yet another company. This time its Plink which incidently is also the first British acquisition by Google. Plink was founded by two Oxford University PhD students Mark Cummins and James Philbin.

Plink is the company that owns the Android mobile app called PlinkArt, a visual recognition app that analyses pictures and identifies them. Plink was launched just four months ago and has attracted 50,000 users till date.

Plink got Google’s attention after it was awareded a $100,000 prize after winning a public vote on the best reference app for Android.

Google’s intensions are clear. Google would put plink to good use to work with Google Goggles, a feature on Android that performs searches based on mobile photos of objects. They have already assigned a new role to the two founders of plink – to improve Google Goggles.

“We’re looking forward to helping the Goggles team build a visual search engine that works not just for paintings or book covers, but for everything you see around you. There are beautiful things to be done with computer vision – it’s going to be a lot of fun!”, Plink founders said in a press release yesterday.
Google would use the PlinkArt technology to be able to provide users with searches based on the pictures they take. More advertising revenue for Google!

Google’s latest acquisition brings its number to ten in the past six months. Other recent Google acquisitions include: AdMob, Gizmo5, Teracent, AppJet, Aardvark, reMail, Picnik and DocVerse.

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