Amazon_studiosAmazon yesterday reportedly launched its own movie studio named Amazon Studios. With movie making big business in this day and age, Amazon is keen on expanding its business with this new venture. Infact Amazon is accepting scripts until December 2011 from script writers and film makers to make short movies to be hired by Amazon.

Amazon has already allocated $2.7 million for the grand prize in 2011. The best script will get $100,000 while $1 million will go to the best movie. Amazon wants script writers to make small movies to make the hiring process easy. Amazon intends that eventually, the Amazon Studios will be able to offer content to its already running video-on-demand service in the US. The winner will be announced on Dec 31st, 2011.

Amazon has made it clear that it is looking to hire a new wave of artists, script writers and directors in a market that is already competitive and nearly saturated.

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