aginglab-suitAlright who wants to be old? None, well what if you can actually be what you are but get a feel for being old? Now we see some hands up! Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AgeLab have actually created a suit that will make any 20 year old experience and feel like they were 75!

NPR today reported that the the idea being the suit popped up when young engineers were working on building things that old people can use. The suit is made out of harnesses and rubber bands which are designed to limit hip movement which makes it harder to do basic functions. Users will have to work on their balance once they suit up.

The suit has foam-padded sandals that will prevent you from running and arm movements are limited. Gets better with the yellow goggles to limit depth perception too. It was also found during the research that a lot of the food needed by older people was usually stored either at the top or the bottom of the shelf.

All the young engineers who tried the suit reported that basic functions such as getting on a bus or even opening some boxes was tedious. Although the suit only made you physically older, mentally their attitudes remained intact.

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