china-debris-outer-orbitSo pollution is not just limited to earth but the outer space apparently is more polluted and hazardous which is said to be a direct result of China’s weapons test in the orbit. Three and a half years ago China had intentionally blew up one of its satellites as part of a weapons test.

Unfortunately they forgot to clean up after and about 97 percent of the debris remains in orbit and poses a direct hazard to hundreds of operational satellites. NASA’s October issue of Orbital Debris quarterly news reported this concern.

The report said that the number of pieces from the Fengyun-1C spacecraft has increased beyond 3,000 pieces. Study done by Russian space agency, Roscosmos, supported NASA’s report. The study said China accounts for 40 percent of the space debris while United States accounts for 27.5 percent followed by Russia with 25.5 percent.

The missile test happened in 2007 with Chinese military deliberately destroying the defunct weather satellite and sending out over 2,800 flying shrapnel which move at more than 18,000 miles per hour in the orbit.

Large number of satellite debris is a constant concern for governments and space organisations. Last year a Russian military satellite crashed into and destroyed one of the Iridium’s mobile communication satellite.


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