Looks like the terrorists might be getting smarter with technology! Today the US Open banned Apple iPad’s from the stadium on the ground that terrorists might use the tablet. Reuters reported that a visitor to Arthur Ashe Stadium was denied entry after security saw them carrying their iPads with them.

When reasoned the security told them that the tablets were a new tool of choice for terrorists. Despite denying entry to iPad owners carrying their iPads, the event advertises iPhone apps on its site. Organisers said that there was a list of banned items that include computers and laptops as well as video recorders.

Some speculate that terrorism had nothing to do with the ban. Rumor is that the organisers do not want an Apple fanboy on his shiny iPad in the stadium. It can be really annoying if an Apple fanboy talks about how great the iPad is and how great Steve Jobs is. Security guards should be encouraged to taser them on sight. 🙂

You can read more about this here.

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