money-website-blogWell there are rewards for speaking your mind on the web. You make money! Blogs are a great way of having your voice heard on the net but can also end up being a cash cow that pays a lot! We will look at 25 most expensive blogs on the web. All these blogs are privately held and there is no way of being accurate with the figures but if you want to buy out one of these blogs, you will have to shell out some big bucks.

1.The Gawker Properties: Worth $150 million, the Gawker properties include a bunch of blogs that include Gawker, ValleyWag, Gizmodo, Wonkette, and a few more. The company has about 30 million unique visitors to all their sites every month. They claim due to the mobile web booming in the last two years, their traffic nearly doubled. According to Alexa, the company does not employ many staff members which means quite a bit of profits every month.

2.MacRumors: This is one of the most visited Apple sites for the latest news about its products. Worth $85 million and with a rank of 2,700 in Alexa the company reports on all kinda of Apple news imaginable from patents to new product leaks. It gets about 544,000 visitors according to Compete with $12 million in revenue.

3.Huffington Post: Worth $70 million the site has 4 million unique visitors per month and brings in $7.5 million a year. With the ranking in the top 1,000 sites, it has had over over 245% spike in traffic since last year.

4.PerezHilton: Not surprising but entertainment sites are one of the biggest money makers on the Internet. Worth $48 million with a rank of 755 in Alexa, PerezHilton is one of the best well known sites on the net. It has about 1.3 million unique visitors a month.

5.TechCrunch: The recent acquisition of TechCrunch by AOL was rumored to be around $36 million. It has about 3.2 million unique visitors and 14.6 million page views a month. It has an estimated revenue of about $5.3 million a year.

6. Ars Technica: Worth $15 million this high tech blog is considered one of the standards on the internet. It ranks about 2,500 on Alexa and has over 800,000 unique visitors a month. Revenues round up to be about $3 million.

7. Seeking Alpha: Worth $15 million this site is world’s largest collection of financial blogs. With a rank of 6,600 in Alexa with revenues reaching about $1.9 million a year.

8. Drudge Report: Worth $10 million with over 1.1 million unique visitors a month.  Yearly revenues stand at about $1.6 million.

9. Mashable: Making $10 million, the site claims to have 5 million page views a month. It ranks 2000 in Alexa with a revenue of $2.1 million

10. GigaOm: Worth $8.4 million, Gigaom is one of the top sites on the net. It ranks 12,800 in Alexa. It has about 1.4 million a month. Revenue is estimated to be about $1.2 million.

11. Boing Boing: Funny name but worth $8 million. Gadget sites are always on the top list on the net. With a rank of 3700 on Alexa the site gets about 700,000 unique visitors. Revenues stand at $1.6 million.

12. Silicon Alley Insider: An interesting tech blog worth $5.4 million. It ranks 13,100 in Alexa and has about 200,000 unique visitors.The site makes about with rapid increasing growth.

13. ReadWriteWeb: Another tech site worth $5 million and ranks 6,200 in Alexa. It makes about $1.7 million.

14. An expensive .org site worth $3.5 million. It has about 134,000 unique visitors and growing quickly. Revenues of $480,000 make it a pretty decent business.

15. Search Engine Land:  Worth $2.7 million, this site has everything you need to know about search engines. It is ranked 4,600 in Alexa with over 500,000 page views. It makes about $300,000 a year.

16. Smashing Magazine: A site about graphics, animation and design which is worth about $2.7 million. It ranks 3,000 in Alexa. With 1 million page views a month, the site makes about about $360,000 a year.

17.  DListed: Worth $2 million, the site literally abuses celebrities! It ranks 17,300 on Alexa and has about 1.2 million page views. Revenues of about $432,000 per year.

18. Daily Blog Tips: Worth $1.8 million, the site ranks 14,500 on Alexa with 120,000 unique visitors per month. It has revenues of about $240,000 per year.

19. Techdirt: Worth $1.5 million and ranks 25,600 in Alexa. This tech site has over 1 million pager views per month and makes about $250,000 in annual revenue.

20. Neatorama: Worth $1.5 million, the blog is amalgamation of trivia and ranks 9,900 in Alexa. It 300,000 visits a revenue of $270,000 a year.

Did I just drive the traffic away from my site? Yikes!

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