brain-computer-interfaceResearches conduced an experiment recently where twelve people were asked to compete in a game where they were hooked to a brain computer interface which helped them display a particular image just by thinking. The interface was right only two thirds of the time but researchers said that it worked more rapidly than any other brain interface.

Researches said that Brain-computer interfacing had made some major advancements in the last few years. The research noted that it was interesting to note that some people were able to exert control over specific neurons in real time while excluding the others. The twelve test subjects were presented with two pictures, one of Josh Brolin and the other of Marilyn Monroe while recording their brain activity while the subjects noted the pictures.

The subjects were then given a superimposed image of Josh Brolin and Marilyn Monroe. Subjects were able to force the image to resolve into one almost 69 percent of hte time. Knowing the right neurons will help us use a computer without having to type at all, but thats still eons away from happening!

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