thepiratebay1IsoHunt is battling out with the MPAA in court and said that allegations that it was the largest torrent search engine were wrong and infact Google was the largest BitTorrent search engine on the Internet. IsoHunt is arguing that if it was being targeted by movie studios, so should Google. Last month Google got itself involved in the ongoing court case between IsoHunt and MPAA fearing that an injunction could damage it.

IsoHunt argues that neither Google nor Plaintiffs mention the 95% overlap between torrents available through defendant’s systems and torrents available through Google or Yahoo. Through the appeal, IsoHunt hopes to reverse the permanent injunction which orders it to filter its search results. It may also obtain a jury trial instead of a summary judgement.

While Google is not a torrent search engine, it does index and cache hundreds of millions of pages with directs links to torrent files. Can we be just with IsoHunt?

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One thought on “Court : Google is the largest torrent search engine”
  1. This country is going to destroy itself in it’s selfish quest for money and power…..if i go out and buy a case of mountain dew and share it with a friend, am i breaking the law? of course not, this is ridiculous….they just want more money. Why does everything have to revolve around money, if i buy a movie that i enjoy and want to share it with people…. i have that right no matter what anyone says………corperate america is soon to implode because people are waking up.

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