Well now for all those who are too lazy to hit the gym, thanks to a device that lets you exercise without leaving your chair – you will be in shape for the beach! The GymyGym is a specially designed chair that combines two patented technologies: a contour-forming seating structure and a full-body strengthening and conditioning fitness system. Not only is the chair ergonomically designed for correct seating posture, but four integrated exercise stations offer a way for users to strengthen and stretch all major muscle groups while remaining seated at their desks.

Two tension-control systems allows the sitter to adjust the difficulty level. The GymyGym is manufactured using 95 percent recycled materials and it comes in three heart-pumping colors. Would you buy it rather than working out at the gym or running outside? That’s for you to decide.

The chair costs $599 including shipping. You can get more information here.


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