Will the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 also face the same fate as the HP TouchPad? Today Samsung announced its pricing for the Galaxy Tab. Reportedly the tablet will land in Best Buy stores and will be available for your purchase in a week. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 features an 8.9” inch display that supports capacitive multi-touch input and renders WXGA 1280×800 pixels display resolution for amazing picture and video quality, on the go.A 3 megapixel autofocus camera with flash functions as your primary camera for picture/video shooting while the 2 megapixel front-facing camera enables video calling in hiqh-quality.

The display also supports full-HD video playback  letting you also watch it on a HDTV. The tablet comes in 16GB of 32GB of internal memory while Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB 2.0 are all built in. The tablet sports a powerful 1GHz dual-core processor under the hood. A gigabyte of RAM supplements the processor to make even the most extensive of apps and games run flawlessly smooth. Galaxy Tab will be running Android 3.1 preloaded and Samsung TouchWiz laced on the top, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet brings you live panels, widgets, smart unlock, business and office apps, Social Hub, Media Hub and much more for your luxurious affairs with the tablet just as you pop it open out of the box.

The tablet is priced at $469 for the 16GB model and $569 for the 32GB model. It ticks me off how these tablets are so expensive, more than the iPad just to improve its value. These firms don’t see that lowering their profits on the hardware can potentially let them increase their profits via apps and other tools. By lowering the costs they can get a huge market for the tablet thus gaining revenue by a majority of ways such as running ads etc.

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