samsung-galaxy-sApple might soon face some serious competition ahead in the market. Samsung reported today that it sold 10 million of its Android based Galaxy S smart phones over the last six months. Galaxy S was launched in late June and this is quite an feat. However Galaxy S has still some catching up to do with the iPhone 4 in terms of records and sales numbers but the current numbers look promising.

The high sale numbers of Galaxy S are also an indication that the market is not willing to give into Apple and open source OS are also in huge demand. RIM also reported that it sold 12.1 million phones in the third quarter. Proprietary phone companies are fast loosing ground to open source free Android OS.

Nielsen also reported that more than 40 percent of U.S. customers purchasing smartphones over the last six months have chosen Android-based phones while Apple only scored 26.9 percent.

Galaxy S solf 1 million in the first 45 days since launch.

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