woman-internetToday a major internet conference ended in Paris with the official publication of the “Communiqué on Principles for Internet Policy-Making.” One of the key pieces of these principles involve policing Internet providers to become internet cops who can act on voluntary agreements with content owners and act on violators of copyright content. A major issue here is that they would be governed or controlled by the national law. This means you can expect them to show up at your place without a warrant and search your premises.

Policing the internet has been varied depending on the country it is in however in 2011 seems to be the year where the rules of the road are being laid and more ISP’s and content providers are participating. French President Nicolas Sarkozy who is a major proponent of such Internet policing kicked off the current push for the same at the e-G8 summit which he led last month.

This was follwed by the US President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron agreed on the need for Internet “rules of the road” to be worked out at high-level conferences over the next year.

You can read more here.

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