Slate today reported an interesting article where analysts predict the death of Google+, Google’s ambitious social networking site that aimed at directly competing against Facebook. Unfortunately, Google’s internal documents report that Google+ has fallen short of success and infact there are rumors that Google would kill the entire project! Many websites who have created great brand profiles will be hurt greatly if the service was killed. Many people following the sites on Google+ will be dropped.

Google on the other hand is completely blown away by the turn of events and infact was not expecting it to turn out this way. A product manager posted a message discouraging users from creating Google+ profiles. Rumor was that the product manager asked a prominent website not to invest in Google+ as the service might disappear soon.

Google has terribly underestimated Facebook’s power and its depth in the social networking market. Google thought that its name would allow people to dump facebook and move over to Google but that has not been the case and for once I am very happy. Google always tries to crush the competition with its huge bank balance and power. Its about time some one showed that they cannot be the “Walmart of Internet” and cannot simply think of taking over.

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