This is truly an awesome deal! After admitting to killing the touchpad line, HP slashed its webOS based touchpad to 99$! HP has decided to liquidate all remaining TouchPad tablet stock by cutting the price down hopes to get that final stock out.The slash and burn started yesterday at Best Buy and Future Shop stores in Canada, when the TouchPad became available for $99 for the 16GB version, or $149 for the 32GB version.

HP’s own website soon followed suit, cutting its own stock down to those prices as well. Retailers in the U.S. started to cut their prices today, with Walmart listing the tablet at the $99 price point, while Office Depot chose to go with a $129 price for the 16GB version. Of course, this started quite frenzy, and at this point, most retailers appear to be out of stock of the tablet. Best Buy in the U.S. has decided against slashing the price of the TouchPad, and will be shipping all of its remaining stock back to HP.

Best Buy will not be price matching the TouchPad for those who purchased it at the higher $399 and $499 price points either, but it has extended its return policy for TouchPad buyers from 14 days to 60 days. While the TouchPad certainly has its faults, and there is much uncertainty regarding the future of webOS as a whole, its hard to argue with a high-spec, 9.7-inch tablet for under $100.

Most of the sites are reporting the tablet as sold out, so keep trying!

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