intel calpellaArriving many months before their official launch date in 2011, Intel’s third generation SSDs are here! These Solid state drives uses 25 nanometer memory which was developed by Intel and Micron earlier this year. The model called X25-M SSD G3 utilises 25 nanometer MLC flash memory and had good sales in China, according to a Chinese auction site called Taobao.

The SSDs are available in three different capacities – 160GB, 300GB and 600GB models. Tests on the models revealed that the 300GB model has a read speed of 218MB/s. The write speed was found to be around 167.4MB/s. The 160GB version has a retail price of around $360 while the 600GB is priced at $1,200. There is no word yet on when these SSDs will be available in other markets around the world but speculation is that it will be after a February 2011 launch.

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