leon-walkerA man reportedly faces five years in jail for reading his wife’s email to see if she was having an affair. The man, Leon Walker, 33, had access to his wife’s laptop at home and logged on to her Gmail account which led to the revelation that his wife, Clara Walker was having an affair. The couple subsequently got divorced but Oakland country prosecutors took up a Michigan statute and charged him with hacking into her account.

The statute itself is used to prosecute crimes such as identity theft and computer privacy. Leon is now fighting over the case and if he loses he could face up to five years in prison. Free Press reported the issue and also said that lawyers and experts are varied in their opinion over the case. Experts say there is a good chance that Walker could be sentenced considering the statute. But its all upto the judge who could take a soft stance on him considering that it was infact his wife having an affair. Walker claims that he gave the emails to her first husband who is also her child’s father to protect the boy. Carla Walker was having an affair with her second husband who had earlier abused her in front of her kid.

Law experts say that since they were living together and were using the same computer, Walker had a good chance of walking away winning the case. Expectation of absolute privacy fell in a gray area of the law which could help Mr. Walker.

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