iphone os 4 firmware defects

As we all know by now that the iPhone OS 4.0 is out. We don’t want to go over its features as the cloud is saturated byiphone os 4 firmware defects it. Instead lets focus on what its missing!

Apple sometimes is notorious to keep away the obvious features that a device should have!

Flash support  – Apple wants to get Flash out of business and considers HTML5.0 as a much dependable standard. When Steve was asked if there were plans to add Flash or java, his response was a simple “no”.

Multiple notification bar – Phones typically provide a list of recent notifications, iPhone won’t.

Tethering with AT&T – Tethering is available to users from outside the USA but not for the US customers. We are still tied to hefty ATT bills!

Mass storage mode – iPhone still fails to provide drag and drop solutions for storage of media.

Custom Profiles – With so much processing power at hand, iPhone fails to provide customizing profiles, profiles for home and office.

FM radio – A basic FM radio is not provided with the iPhone

Wireless (Wi-Fi) syncing – Apart from any security issues that might occur, iPhone could sync over wi-fi, but that functionality was not worked on as of OS 4.0

Built-in photo editing – No built in photo editing tool, only resizes. 

Live Wallpapers – Unlike Android, Apple does not have live wallpapers.

Add contacts to home screen – No option yet to add contacts to home screen for faster dialing.

Second camera – With iPhone 4 in the news and rumours about it having 2 cameras, many were expecting the OS 4.0 to be able to support 2 cameras.

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