Rumors were warming up recently about the possibility that Sprint might sell unlocked iPhone 4S. However today Sprint has squashed such rumors and has denied even the remote possibility of anything such happening. Rumors said that Sprint might sell the Apple iPhone 4S with an unlocked Micro-SIM card slot. An unlocked micro-SIM slot would allow travelers to use any local SIM card when traveling abroad, sparing them from paying exorbitant roaming fees.

So looks like the iPhone 4S will be sold by Sprint with a locked SIM card slot just like any other version of the phone sold by carriers. Ars Technica reported that  Sprint representative Michelle Leff Mermelstein confirmed that the iPhone 4S would have a locked SIM card slot. Sprint will be offering international roaming plans to customers who travel with the iPhone 4S to countries that don’t have CDMA networks.

Some carriers charge as much as $2.99 per minute and $5 per megabyte of data usage for roaming but the ability to use a local SIM card eliminates these charges, and lets users pay local rates for calling and data services. Apple will be offering unlocked versions of the iPhone 4S in November, with prices starting at $649 for the 16GB model.


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