robot_salesiPads and smart phones are the new trend. But looks like that will change with the increasing demand and sales for robots! The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) has reportedly fore-casted a $17 billion in sales for the robot market world wide by 2013! This yearly study looks at the demand for service robots around the world.

According to the report about 77,000 service robots were sold over the last year with a value of $13 billion. Robot sales looked high for domestic units with 5.6 million units for domesting while 3.1 million units for the entertainment and leisure by the end of 2009. Some robots in professional services include medical, logistics, inspection and defence. 

The report says robots and companies are gearing up to make robots that can perform day to day tasks such as bring-and-collect operations. There is increased focus on domestic duties such as watering plants, arranging furniture and heating up food.

Who knows Apple might jump into the robot making business and might come out with the iRobot! I would but that.

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