How about the smallest bluetooth 3.0 device which also is a wi-fi adapter? Cirago International has a unique wireless adapter that not only works as a Bluetooth dongle but also doubles as a USB Wi-fi adapter for your system. This device is a first-ever of its kind to incorporate both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity support without interference under a common chassis.

The Cirago Bluetooth + Wi-Fi adapter is designed to work with Bluetooth 3.0. It even supports backward compatibility allowing it to work perfectly fine with older (i.e., Bluetooth 2.0) devices too. The Class 2 adapter supports up to 24Mbps speeds on Bluetooth connections and up to 150Mbps speeds on Wi-Fi connection without interference.

Cirago said, “The fact that these two technologies can co-exist on a single dongle eliminates the interference and range loss many users experience when trying to maintain connectivity between Bluetooth devices, like keyboards, mice and cell phones, and Wi-Fi components like routers and peripherals. Our technology overcomes that obstacle, frees up a USB port, and delivers up to eight times faster file transfer rate compared to Bluetooth 2.0 and Bluetooth 3.0 without High Speed.”

However the device is priced at $39.99 which is a little expensive. However for its compact design and usability, it sure does add to the cost.


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