Google-Latitude-iPhone-AppGoogle today made its Latitude iPhone app official and live on the app store. Google initially launched Latitude in early 2009 which helps you keep track of your friends’ locations and in real time! Android, Blackberry and other devices had been using this app combined with update features but now the app has been released with GPS updating feature in iPhone OS4.

Apple was not so happy about Google working on that app. Apple blocked Google’s first attempt to release the app last year. Google Latitude webapp had a manual update feature in it which was cumbersome. Apple finally approved its Latitude Google app after initial rejections saying that the app looks a lot like its own maps.

For end users the latitude app seems pretty straightforward. You can view a map of all of your friends’ locations, change privacy settings and invite more friends to Latitude. You can turn on or off the background location updating feature.

Google says it already has over 9 million latitude users on other mobile platforms on the web. The Latitude app requires iPhone OS 4 and is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad and the 3rd/4th generation iPod Touch. Some critics are concerned about its privacy and if that can be used to stalk unsuspecting users.

Visit the official blog announcement here.

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