gta-gameOver Cautious? It was widely reported today that the US Supreme Court justices are to decide if there needs to be a ban on kids buying and playing violent computer games. Many states, as many as eleven, which include Florida and Texas have joined the effort led by California to pass a law that will prevent kids from buying these games.

The law is set to prohibit selling games that depict “killing, dismembering or sexually assaulting an image of a human being” to a minor. The law was challenged by many corporations and now the Supreme Court is to soon decide whether to uphold the law or to squash it.

Either other states came to the rescue of the gaming industry that include Washington and South Carolina. This case is considered a sensation and if the Supreme Court Justices uphold the law, it may invite similar instances to books, movies and the Internet itself.

Experts say that there is a higher possibility that the law will be squashed by the courts. The law can also have severe effect on computer game sales and the whole gaming industry that has taken quite a setback due to recession and piracy.

Do you support the law?

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