Many companies came up with some innovative inventions back in the 80’s however not all made it to the market. Nintendo launched the Famicon in 1983 in Japan. It had two controllers and its later versions also had a keyboard. However in the West, Famicon faced a different fate. All this was going on when Nintendo wanted to team up with Atari to bring out a new gaming machine that would be branded “Atari”.

Nintendo was eons ahead of its competitors when it came to electronics. Its family computer had a keyboard, a light gun, a joystick and even a tape recorded. Its controllers and peripherals were even wireless which was a major step back in the day! Nintendo finally released Family Basic in 1984 with Keyboard based programming for Basic possible.

Nintendo soon introduced the “Advance Video System (AVS)” in 1984 which looked less like a gaming system and more like a computer. After bad reception at the 1984 consumer electronics show, Nintendo completely ditched the product.

The Advance Video System (AVS) never made it to the market and now rests in peace at the New York’s Nintendo World Store.

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