Gadget freaks today were surprised to find that the FCC website has a new tablet listed. LG’s new Windows 7 tablet, the LG H1000B was spotted on the FCC’s website. This would be the second most hyped Windows 7 based tablet that might hit the markets soon and might even prove to be an iPad killer!

LG choice of Windows 7 as its tablet was not surprising considering what it said recently that Android was simply not ready for tablets. With this new report it is clear that LG did not want to wait the newer Android update codenamed Gingerbread was released.

The tablet was described as a portable computer running Windows 7 while other details such as CPU, memory, disk space are yet to be known. Rumor is that it has a microSD card slot included with dual cameras.

Other details such as a short term confidentiality request from LG indicate that the tablet might be arriving before Christmas however many speculate it is being set to launch at CES early in January.

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