tammywynetteNow a Divorce calculator! A government sector in the UK has launched what it claims is a way to find out the settlements of a divorce if you had one in your marriage. The Daily Mail reported that the tool which was not named was launched by the Consumer Financial Education Body that is intended to help couples in loveless marriages to reduce the cost of hiring lawyers while figuring out their future and also how much they might be awarded if a divorce were to take place. This tool is similar to a mortgage calculator or an investments calculator that one may use to figure out his/her investments.

Some critics claim that the “Divorce Calculator” goes against the sanctity of marriage and will encourage couples to split up rather than resolve their differences. The calculator words by inputting a strong of figures like assets, property, children etc. The tool can be found at Divorce-Online.co.uk. A spokesperson for the website in a statement said, “We think it is a brilliant idea because it will stop people having unrealistic expectations of what a settlement should be and hopefully will help people reach a settlement without resorting to lawyers. We will be telling people to use it.”

You can visit the site here.

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