PenguinsLooks like Google figured out that if there was one place where it wont’ get angry users over its Street view service, then that was Antarctica. Google today said in its blog said that it rolled out new imagines from Brazil, Ireland and also shots of penguins in Antarctica. Google said that it expects the service to grow for use by people as an educational resource.

Google also enabled users to use supported smart phones to view the new street view images. However, Google is still under investigation by Scotland Yard, the US Federal Trade Commission and European regulators for privacy breaches. Czech Republic banned street view last month and a possible ban is being debated in Germany.

Brain McClendon, vice president of engineering for Google Earth and Maps said, “We often consider Street View to be the last zoom layer on the map, and a way to show you what a place looks like as if you were there in person – whether you’re checking out a coffee shop across town or planning a vacation across the globe”.

Would you really use Google Maps for Antarctica?

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