GameStop is buying back used consoles, accessories and video games, that’s normal but what is new is that they started to also buy back iPhones, ipads and even iPods in exchange for cash or store credit! The buyback service started out as a pilot program in Dallas, Texas earlier this year, and today it goes nationwide. That means that all 6,5832 of GameStop’s retail locations will be offering cash and credit for your old Apple devices.

So why the move? The rumor is these old or used Apple products sell like hot cakes in Latin America where they will be shipped off to! In fact, there are several countries that would be interested in used Apple products, especially the ones where import tariffs on new electronics are outrageous. Since Apple does not have stores in most countries, people are inclined to buy these used products at a decent price.

There doesn’t seem to be many details on the program available yet, nor is it clear whether or not GameStop will sell used Apple gear here in the US.

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